Hydraulic AW100

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HYDRAULIC OIL AW 100 is a high-performance anti wear hydraulic oil developed for use in high pressure hydraulic systems operating under moderate to severe conditions in mobile and industrial services. HYDRAULIC OIL AW 100 oil is formulated with carefully selected base stocks fortified with additives to provide excellent protection towards wear, rust and oxidation. HYDRAULIC OIL AW 100 is formulated with field proven thermally stable, zinc based anti-wear additives. HYDRAULIC OIL AW 100 provides excellent water demulsibility as well as de- aeration. HYDRAULIC OIL AW 100 effectively protects against rust and oxidation.

Excellent stability against oxidation High Viscosity Index
Very good protection against wear Very good foaming propertie
Good water demulsibility Very effective to rust and corrosion

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Hydraulic AW100

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